Price Chart

(including VHS-C)
< 2.5 Hrs.
> 2.5 Hrs.
(including VHS-C)
< 2.5 Hrs.
> 2.5 Hrs.
8mm/Hi8/Digital 8
< 2.5 Hrs.
> 2.5 Hrs.
Betacam SP/SX/MPEG IMX/DigiBeta
Any $40
< 2 Hrs.
> 2 Hrs.
DVCAM < 2 Hrs.
> 2 Hrs.
(SP mode only)
Any $25
U-Matic (3/4") Any $45
Any $30
DVD to MP4
Any $20
8mm/Super 8
Celluloid Film*
First 50ft.
51-400 ft.
Upconvert to HD any $20
Audio Cassette
to MP3 or WAV
Ea. Side $15
USB Flash Drive**
(files are approx. 5GB/Hr.)
Cloud Storage Per File Group
Tape Cleaning
(mold/dirt/loose oxide)
Per Tape
Bulk rates available for 10 or more tapes/film reels. Please ask about quantity discounts

Note: Transfer fees are the same for MP4 or DVD.

DVD orders include one (1) disc, labeled and inserted in white paper sleeve. DVDs are standard definition only. Additional copies of transferred DVDs are also available.

**You may supply your own drive if you would like. Please consult with us to estimate the size of drive needed. By default, eThree Media will otherwise place your transferred files on a USB Flash Drive, yours to keep and guaranteed to work for 30 days (see prices above). We also now offer cloud storage on a monthly basis. Please make at least one backup of all your important digital files!

*8mm film and Super 8 film transfers do not include sound

Savannah, Georgia | Audio | Film | Video Transfers

In time's attic, memories slumber. At eThree Media, we awaken them.

We transform a wide variety of video, audio, and film formats into high-quality digital video (MP4) and uncompressed audio (WAV) files. Play them on any device, share them forever. USB or cloud, the choice is yours.

Aging videotapes and celluloid are fragile vessels, their contents susceptible to damaging erosion. Converting them to digital is not a luxury, but an act of preservation, safeguarding your legacy for generations to come.

A Local Service

Unlike impersonal online services, we handle each tape and reel with meticulous care. Our office employs top-tier broadcast equipment like the Leitch/DPS 575 and Harris X75 for processing video signals, ensuring stabilization and precise corrections. We are broadcast professionals with many years of knowledge and experience. We even offer cleaning for tapes as needed, and expertly enhance, level, and noise-filter audio when required.

No need for shipping – ensuring nothing is lost in transit. Our unparalleled turnaround times ensure efficient service. Here, you hand your tapes directly to our dedicated technician, overseeing the entire process with a personalized touch and the urgency your content deserves.

We are always happy to offer guidance on how to play back these files on your devices. So, let us know if you would like more information.

Why MP4 and WAV formats?

For video, MP4, and more specifically, H.264 stands as the most widely supported and enduring digital format, offering unparalleled accessibility and longevity. For audio, 48 KHz 24-bit WAV is uncompressed, offering nearly universal playback and lossless quality transfer from the original recorded sound.

These file types empower you to easily view/listen, share, backup, and store your priceless footage with confidence, ensuring its survival in optimal preserved quality far beyond the lifespan of its original form. Make sure to create backups promptly! But, rest assured, your files are securely stored for a guaranteed period of 30 days.

The Professional Choice

For the professional producer, eThree Media offers specialized tools that transcend mere digitization. Our Teranex equipment enables you to easily integrate vintage footage into modern productions. With it, we can de-interlace, upscale, and even convert frame rates on the fly, saving time in the editing process, and preserving quality with just a single generation pass.

We offer direct ingest to professional-grade editing formats like ProRes 422, preserving every possible nuance of your precious material efficiently. Our swift service couples with our professional format support for formats like Betacam SP, DVCPRO 25/50/100, and even 3/4" U-Matic. eThree Media's one-step process ensures single-generation playback, delivering the format and quality you require.

A Few Housekeeping Notes

Appointments are essential for a seamless hand-off and order tracking. Contact us with questions and schedule your appointment to kickstart the process.

We also handle PAL and SECAM VHS and Betacam SP/DigiBeta tapes formats. Please refer to the pricing chart on this page.

Note: Celluloid films with audio won't have audio in the digital file. Currently, we only transfer 8mm or Super8 films; 16mm, 35mm, and other sizes are not supported.

"Any device" pertains to any device that supports playback of standard H.264 (MP4) or WAV media files. Device must also support USB drive with exFAT formatting.

tape formats accepted