Videotape and Film Transfers

(including VHS-C)
< 2.5 Hrs.
> 2.5 Hrs.
8mm/Hi8 Any $25
Betacam SP Any $35
DVCPRO Any $35
DVCAM < 2 Hrs.
> 2 Hrs.
(SP only)
Any $25
U-Matic (3/4") Any $35
DVD to MP4
(SD Only)
Any $15
8mm/Super 8
Celluloid Film*
First 50ft.
51-400 ft.
Upconvert to HD (see above) $25
Audio Cassette
to MP3 or WAV
Ea. Side $15
USB Flash Drive 32GB $15
Cloud Storage Per GB $15/mo.
bulk rates available for 10 or more tapes/film reels
please ask about quantity discounts
Note: Transfer fees are the same for MP4 or DVD.

*8mm and Super 8 film transfers do not include sound

DVD orders include one (1) disc, labeled and inserted in plastic "C-shell" style case. DVDs are standard definition only. Additional copies of transferred DVDs are also available.

MP4 files require a physical drive, and you may supply your own if you would like. Otherwise, eThree Media will place your videos on a USB Flash Drive, yours to keep and guaranteed to work for 30 days ($15). We also now offer cloud storage on a monthly basis. Please make at least one backup of all your important digital files!

Looking to preserve your endangered or important video or film? eThree Media offers transfers* from a variety of formats.

Converting video or film to something that you can actually play on today's devices and easily copy for family members can be a challenge. But, rest assured that eThree Media can transfer your precioius memories to MP4 digital files, which work on any modern device. We deliver these files back to you on a USB flash drive or on the cloud.

While no format will preserve your material indefinitely, moving your memories off of old and perishable videotapes and celluloid is an important step in preservation. Typically, we move transferred video to the widely used MP4 digital file format, which enables you to more easily copy, backup, share and store your priceless footage well into the future. So, that's the method we recommend. But, we'll still transfer your video to a DVD if you prefer. Our transfer prices are the same whichever you choose.

All standard definition video signals are processed through broadcast level equipment like the Leitch/DPS 575 to stabilize the signal and make slight corrections, if necessary. And, audio can be boosted, too.

Using eThree Media's Teranex equipment, we can also conform your old standard definition footage to HD resolution and even change it to match different frame rates and remove interlacing - something that can be very useful for modern-day documentary production! We offer a variety of higher quality video file formats in these situations for the pros. For larger orders, let us know about your requirements for a custom quote on your upconversion project.

Unique to any service provider in the region, eThree Media first processes all VHS format tapes through an industrial grade RTI TapeChek 470. This machine cleans every inch of moldy or dirty VHS tapes right here in our own shop. So, don't throw out those recently found VHS tapes that look worse for wear... Let us revive them!

eThree Media now handles 8mm and Super 8 celluloid film transfers to 1080p HD digital (MP4). Pricing is $25 for the first 50 ft. After that, it's $.28 per foot up to 400 ft. Reels must be no larger than 7 inches (400 ft.). Please be advised that unlike our videotape transfers, celluloid films with audio will NOT include the audio on the digital file. Sorry, but we do not transfer 16mm, 35mm or other size film at this time.

Feel free to contact us with any questions before you come, and to make an appointment.


videotape formats accepted at eThree Media - VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Betacam SP, DVCPRO, mini DV, DV, HDV, DVCAM, U-Matic, 3/4", 8mm, Hi-8 videotapes converted to DVD or MP4 digital files. HD upconversion services are also available for an additional fee