Drone Work Features on New Film, Siren

eThree Media produced drone shots that open and close the newly released trailer for Chiller's upcoming feature release, Siren.  Director Gregg Bishop requested a series of aerial shots piloted by eThree Media's principal, Eric Darling, with camera control by camera operator, Tim Gill, who also served as 2nd Unit DP on the film.  The original drone footage serves both as standard shots as well as plates for several special effects shots in the upcoming horror movie based on a short contained in the previously released anthology horror film V/H/S The film is set for theatrical release on December 2, followed shortly thereafter by VOD and DVD release on December 6.

Commercial Drone Services Available

In an effort to continue offering the most current technology to our clients, eThree Media announces immediate availability of commercial drone services.  Drones are also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehichles) or, more officially, sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

Our pilots are qualified through the FAA, having taken ground school courses and passed the Part 107 exam now required for commercial operations in the United States.  A proof of certificate is available upon request.

Our in-house drone is the DJI Inspire 1, which provides lifting landing gear for 360 degree panoramic camera angles, along with dual controllers for segregated flight and camera control by two operators.  The on-board stablized camera shoots in UHD 4K video, and can also shoot 14 megapixel DNG raw and JPEG still photos.  Standard rates are now available for single or dual operator sessions for both half-day and full-day projects.

Many important regulations exist through Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.  We are familiar with these rules, and follow them at all times, ensuring the safest aerial photography session every time we lift off.  Coupled with our intimate familiarity with the landscape in the Savannah region, the new regulation framework allows us to finally offer this service.

NGAGA.ORG Relaunched

This week marks two important milestones in the ongoing relationship we've enjoyed with the National Guard Association of Georgia.  Serving as their web vendor for the past 15 years, NGAGA represents one of our longest standing clients.  The NGAGA is the state arm of the National Guard Association of the United States.

ngaga homeFurthermore, this past week marks an especially momentous occasion - the relaunch of their web site, which we have designed and hosted for that same period of time.

The new site, like all the sites we build, runs on the current iteration of the Joomla! content management system (CMS).  Together with our client, we have watched Joomla! grow (like "Jeb!," they have yet to drop the exclamation point from their brand) into a very powerful and extensible web production platform.  The NGAGA site serves as the central membership database of the organization, and the point where nearly all of their members pay their dues as well as register for various events throughout the year.

Although the new system carries forward the existing user database, the rest of the site is a result of a drastic makeover in terms of technology and graphics.  This new site is now responsive, for optimized use across all screen sizes and devices.  It comes with a fresh event registration system, complete with QR code functionality for quick check-in of their members at events.  Extensive back-end improvements have made management of members, events and site content more streamlined.  And, because it runs the most current and modern version of the CMS, the security of the site is more ensured.


TEDx Talk Featured

Celeste Headlee's great TED Talk on "10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation," which eThree Media filmed live at the 2015 Savannah TEDx Creative Coast event, has been promoted to the TED homepage today, quickly receiving over a quarter-million views in a matter of hours.

Celeste hosts On Second Thought, a regluarly scheduled program produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Chasing Extinction Video

eThree Media collaborated with MyVista and Longwater to produce this looping video, which is to be projected on the Broughton Street side exterior of the SCAD Jen Library for the 2016 Telluride Mountain Film Festival On Tour in Savannah.  The piece serves as a meditation on endangered species of plants and animals in southeast Georgia. The odd aspect ratio is due to matching three equivalent 16:9 projectors horizontally.  The estimated actual projection size will be over 100 feet wide when it runs during the film festival.

Creative Coast Podcast Interview

Bea Wray of The Creative Coast interviewed Eric Darling for the organization's weekly podcast, which features some of the area's most innovative and creative people.  Have a listen!

TEDx Creative Coast 2015

tedx 2015In eThree Media's second consecutive year of sponsorship of TEDx Creative Coast, we produced all the presentation videos and live streaming of the event from the Telfair's Jepson Center.

The three-camera live-switched event saw fifteen (15) inspiring presentations centered around the theme, "Balancing Act."

eThree Media is proud of our continued association with the world's most intriguing voice for "Ideas Worth Spreading."

Watch the videos on the TEDx Creative Coast's YouTube channel.

New Web Site for Blessed Sacrament Church

mbseThree Media is proud to announce the completion of another new web site for the Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament, one of the Savannah area's Catholic parishes.  Two years ago, eThree Media rebuilt the Blessed Sacrament School web site, which has thrived under constant content upkeep by school personnel.  In the same vein, this new web site for the church also offers direct management by parish office staff, meaning that calendar changes, edits to existing pages, and file attachments for parishoners can be easily made without any intervention by eThree Media.

It is eThree Media's philosophy that control over site content always belongs in the more capable hands of our clients.  So, we strive to break down any barriers for them wherever possible.  We pride ourselves on our web development capabilities, but we like to turn over the keys to our clients, to let them see to the day-to-day aspects of running their web sites.

2014 Ocean Exchange

2014 marks the first time that eThree Media partnered with the Ocean Exchange, a non-profit organization founded in 2010 and dedicated to advocating for innovators through building connections with organizations.  Their annual event held in Savannah culminates with the awarding of two $100,000 prizes for the most compelling solutions aimed at solving some of the world's biggest ecological challenges.

eThree Media produced the video of the event itself, utilizing multiple cameras and feeds from the video and slide presentations over three days at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center.  Switched live using our collection of portable studio equipment, eThree Media is proud to deliver high quality finished HD video assets ready for publication in whichever venues deemed appropriate by the Ocean Exchange immediately following the event.

Blue Voyage Productions served as our technology liaison with the Ocean Exchange, taking our nearly finished assets, and adding some sponsorship information to each video prior to posting online.

AXE Guerrilla Kisses

Director, Nate Nauert of HD Savannah, asked eThree Media to help with color correction and grading for his series of TV Spots for AXE Deodorant.  AXE rewarded our combined effort with a public social media campaign that began rolling out today.

Other members of the all-local Savannah cast and crew included:  Anthony Paderewski, Beth Nelson, Charlotte Nauert, Jody Schiesser, William Hammargren, Michael Jordan, Drew Hunt, Harrison Russell, Jaz Wright and Justin Kent.

eThree Media Wins Three Telly Awards

2014 tellys

eThree Media wins three 2014 Telly Awards for projects completed in 2013.

The entries were awarded in three separate categories:

Music Video
Lyn Avenue, Everyday Guardian Angel

Television Commercial
JCB, JCB Agriculture

Fund Raising
St. Joseph's/Candler, Advancing Excellence


2014 South University Commencement

south 2014

For the 8th consecutive year, eThree Media is proud to have been selected as the sole vendor for South University commencement activities in Savannah, Georgia.  Over two days, four separate crews handled independent video projects that ran concurrently at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, including the main commencement ceremony itself, which is held in the full Exhibit Hall.

The Commencement ceremony required four (4) camera positions, switched live to six (6) large screens for over 7,500 people in attendance.  The show included real-time keyed graphics for identifying speakers at the podium, along with full screen graphics that were both static and moving.  Additionally, a sign language interpreter was boxed in a PIP window and brought in and out during spoken word sections of the program.  2014 also marks the first year that the switched live show was streamed to the Internet, where hundreds of additional viewers watched from all corners of the country.

"Our infrastructure and working knowledge makes us uniquely prepared in the southeast Georgia region to handle complex projects with so many moving parts," said Eric Darling of eThree Media.  "Our crews have done this many times now, and we understand how to produce a high quality video product for a live setting with many eyes watching."

Watch the archived Livestream of the event as it happened.


TEDx Creative Coast 2014 Video Vendor

Today marks the first time that eThree Media has supplied video production services to the TEDx Creative Coast annual event.  The event is coodinated by The Creative Coast in Savannah, and ran to a sold-out crowd at the Telfair's Jepson Center for the Arts Auditorium.

eThree Media utilized three cameras, and took a feed from the presentation system to switch the event live.  The event was streamed live on the Internet and recorded for later delivery on YouTube.

Location sound and lighting for the event were produced by Stagefront Presentation Services.