Safety Videos for Industry, OSHA Compliance in Georgia and South Carolina

If you are an EHS or safety manager in Georgia or South Carolina, we have great news for you... A good safety video saves more than lives! With the right vendor, a good safety video can also save real money. Producing a high-quality, easy to understand and effective safety or training video for your contractors or employees does not need to be expensive or difficult.

We know you're busy. When you're not assessing risks, tracking performance, filing reports and establishing standards, you're seeking better ways to train the people who work at your facility. That's where we come in!

eThree Media has over 20 years of production experience in a variety of industrial, manufacturing and logistics settings. We recognize the importance of ensuring compliance and demonstrating commitment at each step. And, we bring a bunch of help to make the process easy. Our flexible producers know how to help you minimize your investment of time and effort.

industrial scenes from videos produced by eThree Media

Turn-Key Industrial / Safety
Video Production for EHS Managers

  1. Don't worry about writing the script! We provide you with an example script you can use. Or, you can submit bullet points to us, and we'll write the script for you. In either case, we work with you to make sure everything is just right.
  2. We then meet with you at your location to work out a shot list for the finished script and produce the estimate.
  3. We shoot with a small, agile crew at your facility, including Part 107 licensed drone operation where available*.
  4. We handle the rest - professional voiceover, licensed music, graphics creation and full assembly of the video

Revisions that don't require further creation of new material are always included. And, we always generate a full cost estimate that offers a turnkey, guaranteed price**. The entire process can be completed in just a few weeks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Fill out the contact form below
and let's get to work!

* Commercial drone operation is subject to FAA rules and regulations regarding airspace. We will research feasibility at the onset of any project.
** Price is guaranteed after final approval of finished script

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