JCB Teleskid Reveal Video

When the need arose, JCB chose eThree Media for the rapid production of their Teleskid product reveal video.  This new machine represents the first of its kind -  a skid steer loader that has telescoping capability.  Theirs was already the only skid steer machine that uses a single arm and side door entry.  In complementing that unique design, JCB now offers significant additional comptetitive advantage over any other manufacturer.

Because the unique telescoping single arm is the standout feature of the new machine, it receives the penultimate placement in the short teaser video.

Due to the need for immediate roll out to their dealer network prior to public release, the production window was incredibly short.  With only four hours notice, the request to produce the video was met by eThree Media on location with all necessary equipment and personnel.  Fewer than twenty-four hours later, the final video was approved and ready for events.  Although such a turnaround time is highly unusual, it was an exciting project to coordinate and produce, including everything from the creative treatment, shot list and post production, which all took place within a single day.  This project encapsulates the surprise and fun that can come through great trust and great support built on the foundation of a good story.