Faun Trackway Kicks Off CONEXPO-CON/AGG With eThree Media

faun trackwayFaun Trackway engaged eThree Media for three days of filming and photography on location around southeast Georgia with their new Roadway Kit. This innovative commercial product rolls off of a hydraulically powered spool to lay down a temporary but rugged access route across nearly any natural surface such as sand, marsh, snow and even river fords. Because the track deploys and recovers quickly, it can be re-deployed in a strategically short period of time.

As Faun Trackway attends the CONEXPO-CON/AGG conference in Las Vegas this March, they are showcasing this new kit by way of the video produced by eThree Media, while promoting their presence at the trade show with stills we shot simultaneously.

eThree Media's photography also features prominently on the new product page at Faun Trackway's web site and in the brochure.