Baker's Factory

Motocross and Supercross riders are true athletes, and the elite train constantly, both on and off the track. In searching for a partner to help build and maintain the appropriate tracks needed near Center Hill, Florida, Baker's Factory chose JCB as their equipment provider. In this video, the principal staff at Baker's Factory tell the story of how they came to partner with JCB, and how that decision has impacted their operation.

For eThree Media, the challenge of telling this story, condensed into an easily digested four-minute piece was compounded by some stubborn central Florida rain storms that threatened to wash out the entire shoot. Flying our drone between the rain drops and stealing moments afforded by a state-of-the-art weather radar app to shoot outdoor interviews, we were able to gather just enough footage. Fortunately, being such a premier facility, Baker's Factory is constantly being filmed by a variety of productions, and so when we asked for some Motocross footage to help round out what we were unable to gather on our trip, they could help us out. Matt Dale, who operates their machines, also has a helpful habit of filming time lapses of his track building and maintenance, so his GoPro footage came in very handy as well. The result represents a true team effort between these three companies to breathe life into what is truly a unique and compelling story.