ABC News' Corazón de América

ABC News hired eThree Media to supply gear and crew for the filming of John Leguizamo's cold open for their long form special on LatinX culture in America entitled Soul of a Nation: Corazón de América. The special program highlighted ABC's coverage of Hispanic Heritage Month. Camera and camera support, audio, video, prompter, grip and electric departments were all supplied by eThree Media for filming on location on Savannah's riverfront. The  edited show open featuring Leguizamo can be viewed below.

eThree Media Expands Videotape Transfer Service

equipment rackeThree Media has acquired additional industrial-grade videotape handling and playback equipment as the company expands its videotape-to-digital transfer service. An entire second system joins the original engineering rack to double the capacity of all format transfers, speeding up the processing time and enhancing the quality of transferred content. As with our original rack, all tapes are frame synchronized with Leitch 575 or X75 time base correctors, which convert analog singals to digital, while also enabling their enhancement and stabilization.

Videotapes in VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, DVCPRO, mini-DV, HDV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, Betamax, Hi-8, 8mm, and 3/4" U-Matic are handled in-house, representing the most comprehensive videotape transfer service in the region. We do not outsource this service, and NEVER ship your precious and unique material to any sub-contractor.

The TapeChek 470 industrial-grade VHS tape checker/cleaner is now in-house as well, allowing for the cleaning of dirty or even moldy VHS tapes. Previously, tapes with such problems might have just been discarded, but these tapes are now salvageable, and we encourage our customers to bring us their tapes, no matter their condition. Every VHS tape we receive will now be processed through this hardware, resulting in the best possible condition prior to transfer.

eThree Media can also upconvert standard definition video to high definition video using industry standard Teranex equipment. The Teranex can also convert frame rates, in order to conform to a frame rate being utilized in a larger production, such as a documentary. Please inquire for a custom quote on your project!

For more information about our service, please consult the Videotape Transfers page. Appointments are required for all duplication orders. Just hit us up on the Contact page.

St. Joseph's/Candler Vaccine Initiative

Despite Georgia's population being roughly one-third African-American, they have only received a little more than one-tenth of all vaccinations in the state to date.

Recognizing this critical public health disparity, St. Joseph's/Candler Health System partnered with eThree Media to produce a series of videos touting the many reasons for members of the African-American community to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The initiative entitled "Spread The Facts, Not The Virus" appears on its own section of the health system's web site, and currently appears on the health system's social media pages.

Interviews with area clergy members, system physicians and community influencers were set against customized backdrops of their places of worship, work and familiar Savannah scenes. As the video wraps up, participants cite their reasons for getting vaccinated while holding a representative photo. eThree Media was tasked with placing these photos on the blank white board that the people held during filming. You can check out our compositing handiwork around the 6:08 mark in the video below.

Along with this primary 7-minute overview video, an abridged 3-minute version was also produced. Additionally, each participating clergy were provided individualized full-length videos specifically for their own congregations.

Emergent Savannah Documentary

Savannah's former mayor, Otis Johnson

Savannah's history is brimming with untold stories largely known only to their unheralded champions. In the context of the social upheaval surrounding the late 1960s, students at Armstrong State College (now the Armstrong campus of Georgia Southern University), participated in countercultural activities leading to advancements like the publishing of a student-run literary journal and hard-won fights against Jim Crow laws and mores. As the first city in Georgia, and a major port, Savannah has always played host to a complex dynamic revolving around both progressive and regressive events, which often happen simultaneously. A surging and ebbing conscience of social justice seems to flow like the Atlantic tide... Quietly, yet slowly shifting the landscape to reflect a swirling mix of disparate ideas and values.

In conjunction with Emergent Savannah, surviving characters are interviewed for a new as of yet untitled documentary directed by eThree Media. The struggles against the injustices of the predominant culture and social structure of the time are examined in this still developing retrospective piece. The production phase of this long-term project is expected to proceed through 2021.


Virtual Commencement Video Services

eThree Media produced video and graphics for South University's 2020 virtual commencement ceremony, streamed live to their graduating class during the global pandemic. As schools of all sizes have had to contend with social distancing both inside and outside the classroom, they have had to find alternative ways to celebrate the accomplishments of their students. The next best thing to an in-person commencement or graduation is a well-produced virtual ceremony, complete with elements such as alumni singing the National Anthem, as well as graphics that highlight each student with a profile photo.

As a full-service video production company with years of experience producing large scale commencement ceremonies, eThree Media is uniquely positioned to offer the most robust solutions to universities, colleges, school systems and private schools of all sizes. Our flexibility in delivering rich live video streaming products couples well with our capabilities in offline production for building high-quality visual assets ahead of the show.

When choosing the right partner for your school's commencement ceremony, no matter whether it is held at a venue with an in-person audience, streamed live to an audience at home, or even a combination of the two, eThree Media is the complete turnkey solution that your graduates deserve.

congrats south commencementchancellor yohosouth grad samplepresident trimarchi


Quarantine Concerts

qc logoWe are proud to be working with our good friends at Michael Gaster & Associates on a new series of empty venue concerts featuring Savannah area musical talent.

With the unprecedented impact of so many stay-at-home orders, performers and technical crew were suddenly thrust into a new world - a world where the paradigm of how to play for audiences just up and changed radically. In late March of 2020, Michael Gaster reached out to Eric Darling to discuss a partnership to bring the best of Savannah's music scene to the world, and Quarantine Concerts was born.

In the end, no more than five crew members produce each and every show at the perfectly spacious and well-appointed Tybee Post Theater.

Although the credit list that runs at the end of every live show isn't very long, it's jam-packed with the names of people who have made a full commitment and tireless effort... Charrisa Murray of DeVivo Marketing, who handles the web site and all social media. Brad Binion, who sets and runs lights, mics and literally simultaneously runs a camera during the events (we don't know how he does that, either). Doug Suttle, who runs a camera, is also heading up a secret squirrel 3D project. Eric Darling runs the video department, directs the shows, and handles post-production. And last, but not least, Michael Gaster curates the musical program and provides the live mixing that makes Quarantine Concerts so worth the listen.

Some of the local acts gracing the Tybee Post stage (online) have been Lulu the Giant, the Eric Jones Trio, Bero Bero, Lyn Avenue, Draucker! and Phantom Wingo, among a growing list of many other talented and generous musicians who are providing a wonderful online escape for as many people as possible. Together, we stand for musicians who deserve an audience, and an audience who deserves a best effort at delivering the highest quality viewing and listening experience in a live steaming environment.

While "tickets" are sold for events, they are merely suggested donation amounts. These donations go to benefit the musicians, venue and production crew, who all sincerely appreciate even the smallest of contributions from an appreciative audience. You can catch previously streamed concerts on the Qurantine Concerts Videos page. We hope you enjoy!


Faun Trackway Kicks Off CONEXPO-CON/AGG With eThree Media

faun trackwayFaun Trackway engaged eThree Media for three days of filming and photography on location around southeast Georgia with their new Roadway Kit. This innovative commercial product rolls off of a hydraulically powered spool to lay down a temporary but rugged access route across nearly any natural surface such as sand, marsh, snow and even river fords. Because the track deploys and recovers quickly, it can be re-deployed in a strategically short period of time.

As Faun Trackway attends the CONEXPO-CON/AGG conference in Las Vegas this March, they are showcasing this new kit by way of the video produced by eThree Media, while promoting their presence at the trade show with stills we shot simultaneously.

eThree Media's photography also features prominently on the new product page at Faun Trackway's web site and in the brochure.



eThree Media Appreciates Client Feedback

As 60% of businesses now spend more than a quarter of their marketing budget on video, it is clear that video has become a preeminent form of marketing for organizations of all types and sizes.

As a Savannah-based video production company, eThree Media employs decades of professional experience to create useful videos for our clients. We rely on client feedback to ensure we are consistently delivering quality videos, so we are grateful for companies like Clutch that allow us to receive vetted, high-quality client feedback that we can trust. 

Clutch is a research platform for B2B service providers. On their website, they rank and review B2B companies and even feature feedback from clients. On Clutch, a prospective client can explore our previous projects

One of our recent projects was for a regular client who is a major healthcare services provider. We produced a video that incorporated drone footage with graphics to highlight the growth expected for their organization in the next few years. The Marketing Manager of this healthcare provider left the following review and rating: 

ethree skillset

At eThree Media, we take client relationships and client feedback very seriously. We want to make sure that our end results meet the client’s needs, and getting their feedback is the best way to do that. Because of our emphasis on client satisfaction, we have been able to build long-standing relationships with various clients, something we are very proud of. This client is an example of an ongoing relationship we have developed over the years, and here is another quote from their Marketing Manager: 

“We've worked with them for the past twenty years. They're our go-to agency for all of our audio and video needs.”

eThree Media was also featured as a top video production company on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. You can learn more about us (#114) on The Manifest, which is another buyer’s guide for B2B services. 

Visual Objects is a website where prospective clients can go to watch some of our latest videos. Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools, and an eThree Media video can help increase your market presence.

A quote from a Forbes article says that “Your brand is not a stagnant strategy on a piece of paper — you must bring it to life.” You can bring your brand to life with a high-quality video, and at eThree Media we are prepared to create video products that will achieve your goals. 

Contact us today about how we can create video content that will compel your audience, support your brand and grow your business. 

14th Year for South University Commencement

south commencement gridFor the fourteenth year running, eThree Media produced live multi-camera switched videos for South University's Savannah and Online Commencements. The events draw nearly 5,000 attendees to Savannah's International Trade and Convention Center each June. These events fill the 96,000+ square feet Exhibit Hall, where two ceremonies occur in one day. We utilize four cameras to cover the events, with one sporting a super-telephoto lens to get close-up shots at the podium from 300 feet away. Another camera is wireless and mobile for part of the cermony, while another is dedicated to filming a boxed sign language interpreter on demand for sections of the ceremonies. The switched feeds are livestreamed to South University's own site and to their social media pages simultaneously.

Video roll-ins for the singing of the Star Spangled Banner along with a long comprehensive graduate credit roll are switched in live as well.

Despite the technical setup, our crew accomplishes it completely in a single day, and then a total strike immediately at the end of the last commencement ceremony. Even higher quality videos are recorded on location and provided to the school afterwards.

Bridgestone OTR Field Assets Project

eThree Media worked with Bridgestone's OTR division to produce new assets in the field for use in videos highlighting their various products. Traveling to mining and construction sites across the country, our team shot multiple hours of footage on both terrestrial and drone aerial platforms for the purpose of building an asset library for the Fortune 500 company.